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How to Dock your Surface RT and Surface 2

Although there is no officially supported Docking station available for the Surface tablets that run Windows RT, using some standard accessories we can setup our Surface in a workstation like fashion allowing you to get some real work done. What … Continue reading

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Xbox One HDMI IN – This is no Media Center replacement.

The Xbox One out of the box experience is an interesting one.  Especially if you do not have a game, for $499 it does not come with one.  Not that I think it should because frankly that game always become … Continue reading

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Ethernet on Surface RT with Windows RT 8.1 (Updated)

Microsoft has finally given us USB Ethernet support for RT with 8.1.  Well sort of.  According to the support website you will see that the Surface Ethernet adapter works with RT 8.1 (*so do most 3rd party adapters).  (Update: Microsoft … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s new products come with some seriously frustrating shortcomings, but why!?

What is going on at Microsoft these days?  Since almost a year ago I have been getting excited about all the changes coming from that organization; Skydrive, Windows 8, Surface (Windows RT), and Windows Phone 8.  And each one has … Continue reading

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Installing a USB to Ethernet adapter on the Microsoft Surface RT. (Updated)

The Microsoft Surface only comes with two ways to connect to the outside world, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.  For most this is probably sufficient but we don’t use wireless in the office as a security measure and tethering all day … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface – The ultimate portable PC

In the two weeks since its launch, I’ve read countless reviews of Microsoft’s own tablet device.  Ranging from praise to all things Microsoft, to a merciless attack of haters.  It’s no surprise that the primary benchmark is the Apple iPad, but … Continue reading

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